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Duet Radonta


Morning toothpaste «Radonta Morning»

Effectively removes plaque from tea, coffee and cigarettes, gum improves circulation, restores microflora of the mouth, has a powerful tonic effect and promotes rapid awakening.

Morning «Radonta» neutralizes the main reasons for the formation of dental and gum :
  • effectively cleans the surface of the enamel of the remnants of food ;
  • strengthens the vascular system of the gums ;
  • prevents the formation of plaque and activates the salivary glands ;
  • inhibits the growth of harmful microorganisms and supports the natural microflora without causing " addiction »;
  • has an analgesic effect ;
  • protects against the effects of age thanks to the natural tooth enamel components ;
  • has a strong tonic effect.

Evening toothpaste «Radonta Evening»

With bioavailable form of natural fluoride quickly restores tooth enamel, has a healing effect on the oral mucosa, provides fresh breath, helps to relax and tune in to a good sleep. Gel evening pasta «Radonta», thanks to rapid mixing with saliva, provides maximum penetration in the oral tissue healing substances. Evening pasta «Radonta Evening» taking care of your teeth all night.

  • Contains a natural complex of trace elements with fluoride required to build tooth enamel and dentin.
  • Has a powerful healing and antibacterial effects, prevents the development of gingivitis and periodontitis.
  • has strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect due to natural ingredients - salicylates.
  • Restores natural balance of oral microflora.
  • Provides optimum separation of saliva - immunologically active substance carrier.
  • has long deodorizing effect.
  • has a calming effect.

Pasta «Radonta» help prevent cavities, acting complex :

  • effectively remove plaque ;
  • restore mineral composition of enamel, increasing resistance to organic acids produced by the oxidation of food residues ;
  • limit the production of acid bacteria in plaque.

Evening toothpaste «Radonta Evening» contains an extract of the roots of Chinese peony - unique natural source of fluorine and other trace elements necessary to restore tooth enamel. Morning toothpaste «Radonta Morning» contains extracts zantoksiluma and chlorophyll, which effectively fight bacteria - major cause malodor. Evening toothpaste «Radonta Evening» contains extracts of Chinese peony, honeysuckle, lotus, help maintain fresh breath. Duet morning and evening pastes «Radonta» - The only line of toothpastes that takes into account human biological rhythms : morning - invigorates evening - soothes and sets a sound sleep.


Note ! One of your favorite products toothpaste «Radonta», just got better ! We developed a new smart cap «Smart cap» for your convenience. You no longer need to unscrew the cap, no time to waste. Easy! Pasta opened and squeezed to " two times "! Just enough to lightly pull the cap to open it !

Morning toothpaste "Radonta" - weight 158 g
Evening toothpaste "Radonta" - weight 140 g

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