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"Every third biological individual dies being eaten by worms" - Academician Skrabin

Excuse me, it's possible that you have parasites in your body!

Where is the best place for the parasites to live?
In the intestines of mammals, including man! - There is a constant temperature, there is plenty of food, well protected from the external environment.
Space from the mouth to the anus - is not fully part of the body, there's no blood, lymph, tissue or extracellular space - this is especially affected part of the external environment, there are ideal conditions for life of microworld. Evolution did that! There is intestinal flora (beneficial and harmful) and "fauna".
This space within us - it is a paradise for parasites!The research results show that over 80% of people have human parasites in their bodies.

How Do People Get Infected With Parasites

You can get infected with parasites every day, several times. Spores and parasite eggs are all around us and you can not hide, they are highly reproductive organisms. Let's look where we can come in contact with parasites.

Other ways for parasites to come into our bodies:

  • through the dishes or other objects
  • while kissing and sexual intercourse
  • when insects bite
Money which we use daily is the perfect nursery for parasites and various infections.
Tests have shown that especially the old notes contain up to one hundred kinds of pathogenic microbes such as:
tuberculosis, staphylococci, Candida, various yeasts, Salmonella; causes of tonsillitis, pneumonia, meningitis, ulcer of stomach, gastroenteritis and sexually transmitted diseases.
They are warm in the wallet and the eggs of parasites are long held, even the viruses adapt and survive in that environment, such as paper money! Wallet is their incubator. AND WE TOUCH MONEY EVERY DAY !

THINK ABOUT THIS! Every day you have a chance to infect yourself. And it happens no matter where you are and what you do!


  • If you have pets - without prevention the disease will result 100%
  • At the age of 1.5 to 3 years infection with worms (helmiti) reaches 80%
  • Toxoplasmosis infection of children is 100%
  • The schools are real invasion of parasites
  • In kindergartens lambioza is 100% present
  • It seems that there are parasites in anyone who does not perform detoxification anti-parasite program and does not strengthen his immune system
  • In every person who consciously does not conduct prevention, ie. protection, there are parasites, the question is only which amount and how many different kinds of parasites.

If no preventive measures IT IS dangerous both to HEALTH AND LIFE


Inside of a body parasites make it vulnerable for a variety of diseases.
Find your DIASESE...

  • asthma
  • anemia
  • allergy
  • arthritis
  • dermatitis
  • infertility
  • insomnia
  • muscle aches
  • joint pain
  • vitiligo
  • hepatitis
  • hemorrhoids
  • diabetes
  • diateza
  • impotence
  • immune disorders
  • stroke
  • obesty
  • colitis
  • neurodermatitis
  • anxiety
  • cancer
  • osteoporosis
  • gynecological disorders
  • pancreatitis
  • papillomas
  • skin changes
  • prostatitis
  • psoriasis
  • absentmindedness - sclerosis
  • AIDS
  • cirrhosis
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • omission of vaccine in children
  • ¬†Proven fact: Human parasites reduce the effect of vaccines! If already present in child's body, then under their influence the effect of the vaccine is significantly reduced, and there is no guarantee that the vaccine is successful and the child is protected. Furthermore, if the blood level of pH facor is reduced due to parasitic's toxins, then the vaccine, as patogenic factor, can be very dangerous especially for children's organisms.

    This effect has been clinically proven.

    There is no human organ that is not the target for parasites. Parasites make physicians astray...

    Most of the parasites, if they are not eliminated from the body, can disturb an individual as long as he lives.

    • Parasites attack the brain! Which hemisphere they are settled in, influence the behavior of a person.
    • Parasites actively destroy silicon, which is a deadly threat for humans.
    • Parasites use vitamin B12, A, reduce the reserve of vitamin C, interfere with absorption of nutrients which leads to a slowdown in growth and development of the child. They "eat" erythrocytes and leukocytes, vitamins and microelements.
    • Parasites interfere with organ functions, damage their structure and deform them, cause cirrhosis of the liver, disturb intestine work and bile ducts, resulting with a need for surgical intervention. It creates mechanical pressure on major blood vessels, bile roads, liver, brain, lungs, heart. The result of this influence is reduction of organs and tissues functionality, and therefore the reduction of human's functionality.
    • Parasites seriously disturb mental state of a person, it is manifested usually as anxiety as well as more serious conditions. Long-term presence of parasites in the body leads to mental deterioration. Person can experience various fears, anxiety, helplessness, nightmares, and lead him to various vices and bad habits.
    • Parasites create a basis for various inflammatory diseases.
    • Parasites weaken immune system and prepare the ground for severe infections.
    • Parasites mechanically put pressure on blood vessels, bile roads, liver, brain, lungs, heart.
    • Parasites cause disorder in the exchange of substances (proteins, hydrocarbons and fats).
    • Parasites reduce the microcirculation of blood and lymph.
    • Parasites cause delays in the circulation of body fluids, increasing the density of blood.
    • Parasites destroy the normal intestinal flora, which causes the development of harmful microorganisms.
    • Parasites force a human to use food that they need.
    • Parasites cause allergy - from simple skin itching to anaphylactic shock. Without modern professional help this can lead to lethal outcome.
    • Parasites slow down the development and growth of the organism.
    • Parasites affect human's genes. It has been proven that each next generation has a chance to live 10-15 years less.>
    • Parasites excrete lactic acid, cholesterol and other toxins and in greater quantity they poison the whole body.
    • Causes of abdominal typhoid fever and herpes viruses are hidden in some parasites, which cause cancer of the gallbladder and bile ducts.
    • In Apistorhia parasites was found Einsten-Barr virus.
    • Parasites interfere with cell metabolism, reducing its resistance.
    • Parasites attack the muscles and moving parts of the body, which reduces person's desire to walk around or do sports, of physical activities, laziness occurs; all this slows down other processes in the body, and that is exactly what the parasite needs.
    • Parasites disturb blood PH.
    • Parasites disturb liver function, liver's task is to release the body of waste and also the processing of immunoglobulin, leading to poor immune system.
    • Scientists have found in science unknown bacteria settled in parasites. This means that their effects on human are also unknown and that is horrible!

    What follows :

    • Low level of parasite invasion is not detected as the disease, so their presence is not noticeable.
    • Parasites disrupt the work of all organs and systems in the body.
    • Parasites are one of major causes of premature death.
    • Lowering immunity parasites prepare the body for severe infections and cancer.
    • Parasites are doing everything to ensure the conditions for their growth and expansion.


    Polluted environment, improper diet, stress, bad habits, poor quality food, use of chemical medicines, dehydration - the lack of water in the body, and so on.

    Pollution of the body starts from birth, starting for birth human body is being prepared for the development, growth and expansion of parasites and YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT

    What should you do when problems arise with your health? What options do you have?

    Pharmaceutical Remedy - Drugs

    See more on the side effects of drugs against parasites ...>>

    Traditional Medicine

    Although it is harmless to humans, it does not destroy all parasites. It effects intestinal parasites. But in addition to their destruction they also need to be remove from the body, as they begin to decompose. The dead parasites are far more dangerous than the living ones! We should also know that the parasites are settled not only the intestine but also in muscles, tissues, organs and blood. One stage of their development parasites spend in the blood. Using traditional resources that destroy intestinal parasites, we can achieve only temporary result, over time, again it will all go back to the beginning, if the immune system is not strengthened.

    Enemas, Hydrocolon Therapy

    This is not purification, this is the pure barbarism toward the body. Enemas are harmful, often conducted they do great damage. Unnatural, reversible method of cleaning the colon. If the bowels are flushed, then after this procedure the condition of the stomach is like after the atomic bomb... Why? see details...>>

    Antiparasitic Devices

    These devices emit electromagnetic radiation of certain frequencies, but other than harmful effects on parasites they also have harmful effect on the cells of the human body! Their effectiveness is based on the ratio of the number of cells of the parasite and cells of the body. The mass of men is still greater than the mass of its parasites, so there is something left after this bombing.

    (Conclusion based on blood analysis of those people who have used such devices). see details...>>

    Other Antiparasitic Procedures

    For an absolute solution to the human parasites problem it is required, not partial, but systematic program approach. The program should last a minimum of 50 days. The treatments lasting 15, 30 days DOES NOT SOLVE the problem. The course of treatment should include body preparation for detoxification against of parasites, detailed preparation as a preparation for war, because the parasites are not a naive opponent. These are complex creatures and they just like we do fight for their lives. The course should be carefully designed, to include detoxification, as well as the removal of dead parasites from the body, and it is very important to support liver and immune system. If these steps are not conducted, there will be no quality help for the body.

    When Treatment Can't Help Us

    Parasites consume the human, cause disease. Usually, doctors prescribe medication to fight the disease, and parasites at the same time continue doing their job. DESTROY HUMAN RESOURCES INSIDE. They eat most valuable vitamins, minerals, nutrients required by body cells and also excrete their toxins poisoning human bodies, inhabiting the body and seeking the best place for themselves which leads to incurable diseases.

    In the mean time a person is poisoned with chemicals, helping parasites to ultimately destroy him. See more..>>



    Russian scientists have found a way out of this difficult situation, it is ANTI-parasite program Gelmostop!

    • No matter that there are many methods, there is no alternative to Gelmostop program. If you would like to make sure of that, analyze all so far known methods of cleanse the body from parasites, and compare them with Gelmostop program. You will see that this program is a comfortable, safe, natural, effective, as confirmed by clinical trials, it is used without spending time in the hospital, performs a complete purification of the organism on the cell level. Not only that removes and cleans the body from parasites, but helps damaged organs to regain their function.
    • The program was developed by consultants of Russian Academy of Science of Novosibirsk. This is the most effective method of fighting parasites today, because the "Gelmostop" program destroys the parasites at all stages of their development, stimulates anti-parasite immunity, accelerates the neutralization of their toxins in the liver and eliminates allergic phenomena caused by parasites, it is especially effective in highly developed parasite invasion.
    • The program is designed as a general cleaner for all body parts: it cleans digestive system, liver, blood, lymph; destroying up to 100 species of parasites at all stages of their development, it helps liver and immune system.

    "Gelmostop" program consists of three stages of cleaning the body:

    • preparation period (accelerated excretion of bile, cleanse of intestine, stimulation of immunity);
    • period of parasite ejection (the process of parasite release, accelerating the flow of bile, increased liver detoxification removing the products of parasite degradation);
    • recovery period (immunity protection) - the accelerated discharge of parasite remains and their by-products, normalization of the bile flow, intestinal purification, stimulation of immunity.


    Scientists concerned about the situation in which...
    life is shortened, the number of chronic diseases increases, the number of incurable diseases increases, more and more young people starting to have diseases of the elderly, impotence in young men occur, infertility in women, healthy children are almost not born..., they created a program that saves us in this situation, rescues from the powerful and destructive force - PARASITES, who live in each of us and at the expense of us. "Gelmostop" Program not only that makes the body free from parasites, but also recovers organs damaged by parasites and increases overall immunity, this feature of Gelmostop increases its quality.

    The benefit of the program is also that it can be used and it is recommended for the children, practically from the first year of life. Young children, touching all sorts of things and puting them in the mouth are most open to parasite infection.

    In Russia the program has passed clinical trials and it is recommended to the doctors to use it in practice and to medical students to study it at universities and institutes.

    The program is carried out without spending time in the hospital, does not apply chemicals (pharmaceuticals you can not avoid in hospitals today), and therefore has no side effects. There is no need for you to be under constant medical supervision. Thus no need to change the rhythm of your life by using Gelmostop, purification of body from the parasites is a comfortable and safe.

    Make up your mind even today and read about this topic, so you can protect yourself and your children.
    Until you are free of parasites, it is difficult to beat some disease and regain your health. Treatment without first cleansing the body from parasites, toxins and other harmful substances of our time, only make the situation worse. It's like when you try planting flowers on the dump full of weeds.


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